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Sun. Sep 25th 2016
Wilderness SAR Holds Fall COMFED 2016 at Highland Forest

This is a DRILL - The call came in Friday evening at 20:30. Wilderness SAR was dispatched to Highland Forest for a possi...

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Mon. Jul 4th 2016

This weekend WSAR was able to successfully track our Division Leaders while providing communications and FA support of the FL...

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Mon. Jun 27th 2016
Special speaker at drill is past WSAR member

Wednesday nights drill was a special presentation on heat related injuries. The guest speaker was past Crew Boss, past Parame...

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Night is approaching........

and the temperature is dropping quickly. Alone in the woods, you have somehow become separated from your camping party. You've spent hours trying to find your way you are surely lost, as well as cold, tired, hungry and frightened. You sit beneath a large tree, gathering leaves, dirt and brush around you trying to keep warm. Your thirst is overwhelming. you wonder if you will live until morning. Darkness falls. Then without warning, you see a flicker of light, hear the crashing of branches and are suddenly descended upon by a large dog wearing an orange vest bearing the word "RESCUE" Her handler is not far behind bringing food, water, first aid and your survival.

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Congratulations to our new members!

Congratulations to the 2016 WSAR officers.


As we review our end-of-year reports and look back on all that we've accomplished in 2016, we would like to take a minute to THANK all of our team members, family, friends and supporters for a great year. Enjoy the Holiday season and we wish you a prosperous 2017!







THANK YOU to all who supported the 5th annual Run Of The Dead on October 15th, 2016 at The Syracuse Sports Park in Liverpool, New York.

This event could not of been possible without the support of many organizations and people. 




New Equipment


WSAR has put in service our new Mobile Communications Unit - MCU-4. 

Thank you to all who helped fund this equipment and get it in service. 

Help WSAR while doing your spring shopping at AMAZON !

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 Wilderness Search and Rescue Team is a member of NYS Federation SAR Teams














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