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Sun. Mar 8th 2015
WSAR members Refresh WFA

This weekend SAR members refreshed their certifications in Wilderness First Aid. This is a 8 hour class that members mus...

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Thu. Oct 2nd 2014
SAR Members Passed Searcher I

Wilderness Search and Rescue Team is proud to announce Team Members Nancy Heath and Greg Tremont have successfully passed the...

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Mon. Jun 30th 2014
SAR Academy 2015

With the completion of Oswego SAR Academy 2014, WSAR is in the early stages of planning a SAR Academy 2015 in Q1/Q2 timeframe...

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Welcome to the website for the Wilderness Search and Rescue Team 


Due to limited applications the 2015 Academy has been postponed. Check back for future dates.

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Huge Thank You to all who supported the 3rd Annual ROTD

The 2015 ROTD is coming soon. It will be October 10, 2015.

See the new ROTD Site - ROTD2015



Night is approaching........

and the temperature is dropping quickly. Alone in the woods, you have somehow become separated from your camping party. You've spent hours trying to find your way you are surely lost, as well as cold, tired, hungry and frightened. You sit beneath a large tree, gathering leaves, dirt and brush around you trying to keep warm. Your thirst is overwhelming. you wonder if you will live until morning. Darkness falls. Then without warning, you see a flicker of light, hear the crashing of branches and are suddenly descended upon by a large dog wearing an orange vest bearing the word "RESCUE" Her handler is not far behind bringing food, water, first aid and your survival.


This year Wilderness Search and Rescue celebrates 35 years of service to the communities in NYS. Members have been training and learning how to better manage and execute search incidents since our inception. We want to thank not on the NYS Forest Ranger, NYS Troopers, County and Local Law Enforcement, Local Fire Service, but also the communities we serve for supporting our efforts. Without your generous support we could not keep doing this in the level needed to effectively manage and execute a search incident. Thank you.


Team Member Supporting Our Member

Wilderness SAR to Host SAR ACADEMY 2015

SAR Units Train at Highland Forest

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Be sure to check out the new home of Bear Bait Radio Club. 

Bear Bait has done training with Wilderness in the past and will be doing additional training in the future.

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Search and Rescue Units Respond to Missing Hunter

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SAR Training in the Cold and Rain 2 

Wilderness members participated in our bi-monthly drill this morning. On arrival to the staging area, the team was met with a scenario of a missing/ overdue hunter in the rain and cold. Teams were broken up and given assignments for a Type II search of two probable areas. Approximately an hour into the field a team located the hunter with a broken leg. The hunter had been tracking his deer all night and ironically located it when he tripped over it and broke his leg (drill scenario). Team members quickly assessed the situation and medical treatment was started while another team brought equipment from the staging area to assist in evacuation of the subject. The two teams worked together to package the hunter properly and load him into the SKEDCO devise so they could start the slow transport of carrying the subject out of the woods. The subject was transferred to a vehicle once on the road and team members followed the vehicle to the staging area. Team members debriefed the incident and filled out the ICS Forms and cleared the area. 




SAR Training in the Cold and Rain


SAR units held there monthly drill last night in the cold and rain. Scenario was a overdue hiker. SAR teams did a Type I search on the trails and located the subject in need of evacuation. A fire was started to warm the subject while members built a makeshift stretcher to get the hiker out of the woods. 


Rock ready to be evacuated from the cold




 Wilderness Search and Rescue Team is a member of NYS Federation SAR Teams













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