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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 17, 2022 OSWEGO and ONONDAGA COUNTIES – Thirteen new recruits are now qualified to join the Oswego and Onondaga County volunteer search and rescue teams after complet...
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2022 SponsorshipWilderness Search and Rescue Team is looking for supporters for the coming year. Each dollar of your donation will go to our mission of searching for lost persons in NYS. Training and ...
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We would like to thank all the runners, sponsors and zombies that cameo out to the 2021 ROTD. For some pictures of the event go here - ROTD 2021
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Yesterday members attended the summer NYS Federation Meeting in Oswego County.


Men and Woman at least 18years of age for unique community service. Must be willing to travel at a moments notice and hike great distances over varied terrain. Shifts are mainly late night and early morning hours, often working with no help to do the impossible in poor or extreme weather. You provide all the equipment, We provide the working conditions. Interested applicants apply to your local Search and Rescue Unit. Salary $0.00 - $0.00
What to expect during you probationary period?
Currently WSAR only accepts members that have graduated or are enrolled in a recognized Search and Rescue Academy.  You are also expected to attend at least 50% of all Wilderness Search and Rescue Drills. These Drills are always on the second Sunday and last Wednesday of every month. These Drills will cover everything from tracking to GPS work and survival training. This 50% attendance rule for WSAR drill stays in effect even after your probationary period is over.  We know that this will be a very busy time for you but we want to have our members fully operational as quickly as we can so you can help in any calls that come in.
Who would make a good Wilderness Search and Rescue Member? 
The answer to that is anyone. If you enjoy being in the outdoors in all types of weather and enjoy doing something good for your community then your more than welcome to join us.
            We have members from all walks of life with vastly different EMS experience. We currently have Firefighters, EMT’s, Businessmen, policemen and everyone in-between. All of the current members bring two common things to the team. Enthusiasm and a commitment to help save lives. We can train you in the rest of skills you’ll need during your probationary membership period.
Before you commit to becoming a SAR member, please consider the following:
 - Are you ready, physically and mentally, to spend long hours, day and night, in some of the worst weather and terrain conditions?
- Are you willing to get up at 3 a.m. and drive for 5-6 hours, possibly to spend only 1-2 hours on a search, or possibly not search at all?
- Are you willing to continue training 2-4 times a month or more, even when searches are few and far between?
- Are you willing to commit to participation in public education and displays, giving up free weekends to do so?
-Are you willing to spend possibly thousands of dollars on equipment that could mean your safety or even saving your life?
How to apply: 
Contact us at www. WSAR.ORG. Ask for a member application and we would be more than happy to send one to you.
- Fill it out and send it in with two letters of recommendation and we will contact you for a interview.
- After the interview your application will be voted on by the membership to approve you as a probationary member
- WSAR only takes in members after completing a SAR Academy in CNY. The academy is a 3 month long intensive training program. This program is nights and weekends. All class's ust be attended and passing both a field and written test to graduate. 
   ****NOTE - 2018 SAR Academy in Oswego County ****

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