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Sun. Sep 25th 2016
Wilderness SAR Holds Fall COMFED 2016 at Highland Forest

This is a DRILL - The call came in Friday evening at 20:30. Wilderness SAR was dispatched to Highland Forest for a possi...

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Mon. Jul 4th 2016

This weekend WSAR was able to successfully track our Division Leaders while providing communications and FA support of the FL...

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Mon. Jun 27th 2016
Special speaker at drill is past WSAR member

Wednesday nights drill was a special presentation on heat related injuries. The guest speaker was past Crew Boss, past Parame...

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SAR Member brave cold to train at Highland Forest
Sun. Dec 8th 2013

Search and Rescue members held monthly drill today at Highland Forest in the 24 degree weather. Members arrived shortly before 09:00 to a missing hiker scenario and were briefed on the hikers info then set up Type I teams to search for the hiker. Cell calls from the hiker did not have adequate GPS coordinates before dropping off. While teams searched we were able to get updated coordinates to get members in the area but still were unable to locate the wandering subject. Another call from the hiker got a good fix and allowed members to catch up near the subject. The Hiker was found just off the trail after falling and breaking his leg. SAR members attended to his leg and requested the SKEDCO devise from the Squad to transport the hiker out of the woods. Other team members responded to the location with the SKEDCO and team members packaged the patient and transported him to the road to awaiting help. All members debriefed, downloaded GPS files and signed out on the ICS forms. Special thanks to CASART member Rob Winter for playing our subject today. 7502

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