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Sun. Sep 25th 2016
Wilderness SAR Holds Fall COMFED 2016 at Highland Forest

This is a DRILL - The call came in Friday evening at 20:30. Wilderness SAR was dispatched to Highland Forest for a possi...

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Mon. Jul 4th 2016

This weekend WSAR was able to successfully track our Division Leaders while providing communications and FA support of the FL...

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Mon. Jun 27th 2016
Special speaker at drill is past WSAR member

Wednesday nights drill was a special presentation on heat related injuries. The guest speaker was past Crew Boss, past Parame...

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Sun. Sep 25th 2016
This is a DRILL - The call came in Friday evening at 20:30. Wilderness SAR was dispatched to Highland Forest for a possible missing aircraft. On arrival SAR members broke up in groups and conducted Type 1 assignments in the rain and fog. With nothing found and a valid concern the search was pos...
Mon. Jul 4th 2016
This weekend WSAR was able to successfully track our Division Leaders while providing communications and FA support of the FLRC Finger Lakes Fifties. This allowed the command post to see who was closest to the check point in need of supplies or help. It also eliminated alot of radio traffic as IC wa...
Mon. Jun 27th 2016
Wednesday nights drill was a special presentation on heat related injuries. The guest speaker was past Crew Boss, past Paramedic Chris Dunham. Chris held the role of training officer while a member of WSAR along with his duties as a crew boss. His experience in EMS helps him relate to both the EMS s...
Sun. Jun 12th 2016
WSAR welcomes FIVE new members to the team after successfully completing the 2016 SAR Academy held by our friends at Oswego County Pioneer Search and Rescue. This past week, the new members took their classroom final exam and field exam and all did a superb job! These members completed roughly 125 h...
Fri. Jun 10th 2016
2016 Run of the Dead Sponsorship  Thanks to the Syracuse Sports Association we now have a great way you can get your name out to the public and help Wilderness SAR Team. This is the 5th year and we hope to be the best yet. Our sponsorship levels are below and 100% of the sponsorship will g...
Sun. Jan 10th 2016
Congratulations to 2016 WSAR officers!Team Coordinator - Jason Baleno. Jason has been a member for 20 years. This is his second year as Team Coordinator. Coordinator - Jeff Sikora. Jeff has been a member for 23 years. This is his second year as Deputy Coordinator.Treasurer - Kathy Sikora. TKath...
Tue. Dec 22nd 2015
On December 18th at 23:08 WSAR was dispatched to assist NYSP in a missing persons case in the Town of Fabius. Oswego County SAR was started on our dispatch in addition to a request for the NYS Forest Rangers. SARC2 and MCU4 responded to the scene and met with NYSP units on scene. NYSP K9 units that ...
Wed. Nov 25th 2015
The Oswego County Pioneer SAR Team will be holding a SAR Academy in 2016. Below is information from Oswego in regards to this class. If you are interested in joining Wilderness please touch base with us during the application process.Official Release can be downloaded HEREOswego County Search and Re...
Sun. Nov 8th 2015
Thanks to a donation from Lockheed Martin's Employee Federated Fund in Salina, NY, WSAR recently acquired two new Project Lifesaver receiver kits. The kits include a PLI-3000 receiver, yagi antenna, omni-directional magnetic mount antenna, headset, carrying case, transmitter and batteries. At th...
Sun. Mar 8th 2015
This weekend SAR members refreshed their certifications in Wilderness First Aid. This is a 8 hour class that members must complete every 2 years. The original class was 16 hours. Team members are continually training in many aspects of basic EMS in addition of other skill sets for a SAR mission...
Thu. Oct 2nd 2014
Wilderness Search and Rescue Team is proud to announce Team Members Nancy Heath and Greg Tremont have successfully passed the Searcher I Certification from the NYS DEC Forest Rangers. They join the other 11 SAR members that have been certified. This is a 16 hour course of both classroom and field wo...
Mon. Jun 30th 2014
With the completion of Oswego SAR Academy 2014, WSAR is in the early stages of planning a SAR Academy 2015 in Q1/Q2 timeframe. If you are interested in attending the academy and joinging the team please email us contact information. There will be cost associated to the academy as usual, and the acad...
Wed. Apr 23rd 2014
May 17th and 18th the Bear Bait Radio Club will be hosting a training class and test to get your FCC License. This training is free, however the exam will be $14.00. Anyone wishing to get there license should look at more information on the website at - Bear Bait Radio
Sat. Mar 29th 2014 By Debra J. GroomApril 3, 1994.It’s Easter Sunday. People in Oswego County are getting ready to celebrate this holiest of days on the Christian calendar.It’s about 7:30 a.m...
Sun. Feb 23rd 2014
This is a great fundraiser for WSAR in conjunction with Syracuse Sports Association. Watch back for more details.
Sun. Jan 5th 2014
Wilderness Search and Rescue is looking for your help to help one of our own. Jeff and Laura McIlroy are very active members of WSAR. Jeff not only is a Crew Boss, but also serves the position of Treasurer. Laura heads up our fund raising efforts. Here is were we need your help  - On Decem...
Sat. Dec 21st 2013
Oswego County Pioneer Search and Rescue Team will be hosting SAR Academy 2014 in Oswego NY. Those interested in joining WSAR or other local SAR Teams are required to take this training prior to membership. See files page for Application and ScheduleAnnouncement Info from OCSAR - Oswego County S...
Fri. Dec 13th 2013
  The Hunt Participate and win at minimum $500!!!     Use your wits, agility, google skills and our daily clues to reach the objective.   Step One: Registration In order to participate you must register prior to the start date via SSA website. The cost to participate...
Sun. Dec 8th 2013
Search and Rescue members held monthly drill today at Highland Forest in the 24 degree weather. Members arrived shortly before 09:00 to a missing hiker scenario and were briefed on the hikers info then set up Type I teams to search for the hiker. Cell calls from the hiker did not have adequate GPS c...
Sat. Dec 7th 2013
Today members from Wilderness SAR Team worked with Boy Scout Troop 22 from Jamesville-DeWitt area on Search and Rescue. The training was heald at Highland Forest. Team members went over basic Hug A Tree items, pack equipment and search techniques. Scouts then got to make it to the woods to perf...
Sat. Nov 23rd 2013
At 1734 WSAR was dispatched along with Bridgeport and South Bay Fire for a missing hunter in Cicero Swamp. Staging was the Bridgeport Rod and gun Club on Bull St. The request was made by law enforcement on scene. 911 Dispatchers were able to the subject on his cell phone however he was unsure of his...
Wed. Nov 20th 2013
The NYS Federation of SAR held its annual elections on November 9th. The officers for 2014 are as follows - Chairman - Jeffrey Sikora (Wilderness Search and Rescue Team) Vice Chairman - Vernon Brownell (Team 5-1) Secretary - Jennifer Culver Eagle Valley Search Dogs) Treasurer - Ann MacBride (SAR...
Sun. Nov 10th 2013
SAR Training in the Cold and Rain 2 Wilderness members participated in our bi-monthly drill this morning. On arrival to the staging are team were met with a scenario of a missing/ overdue hunter in the rain and cold. Teams were broken up and given assignments for a Type II search of two probabl...
Thu. Nov 7th 2013
The NYS Federation of SAR Teams will hold there annual meeting this weekend in PArish. Member teams from accross New York State will meet to discuss items from the last year, items for next year and trainings coming soon. In additition this meeting is the Election of Officers for the ...
Fri. Nov 1st 2013
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Wed. Oct 30th 2013
Team Elections for the 2014 year were held last month. New Officers for 2014 area as follows - Team Coordinator - Jason Baleno Deputy Coordinator - Jeff Sikora Treasurer - Jeff Mc Ilroy Secretary - Kathy Sikora Captain and Lieutenant will be announced later this year. Congratualtions to the ne...
Sat. Oct 26th 2013 info on the ROTD that was held this year
Thu. Oct 24th 2013
SAR units held there monthly drill last night in the cold and rain. Senario was a overdue hiker. SAR teams did a Type I search on the trails and located the subject in need of evacuation. A fire was started to warm the subject while members built a makeshift stretcher to ge the hiker out of the wood...
Tue. Oct 22nd 2013
Winter Weather Awareness Week continues! Heavy snow can immobilize a region and paralyze a city. Accumulations of snow can cause roofs to collapse and knock down trees and power lines. The cost of snow removal, repairing damages, and the loss of business can have severe economic impacts and citi...
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